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Thailand Telephone Dialing If you are placing a call into Thailand from another country you must first dial the Thailand country code +66, followed by the phone number but not including the leading (0), which is required when dialing within Thailand.

Example: To reach the Austrian embassy in Bangkok from OUTSIDE THAILAND dial +66 2.344.6300. From INSIDE THAILAND dial 02.344.6300.

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Banks & Currency List of Banks and Financial Institutions with links to websites containing detailed information and contact information. Also this page contains interesting information about Thailand Currency
Commerce & Trade This page lists Chamber of Commerce Offices, Trade Organizations, phone numbers and web links.
Embassies This page contains a list of Embassies in Thailand, Website Links to detailed information. Also on this page: Phone Numbers, Phuket Consulates & Representatives.
Emergency Phone Numbers Phuket Emergency Contact Numbers for Police, Fire, Marine, Lost Credit Cards, etc. Also Tourist Police Safety Tips
Government Organizations Government Organizations & Ministries, Airports, Marine, etc.
Phuket Beaches Phuket Beaches information and pictures.
Phuket Food Pictures of local Phuket-style Foods
Phuket Places to Visit Phuket Places to Visit
Thai Holidays Fixed and Movable Public Holidays & Observances, Descriptions
Universities Education Institutions, Private & Public Universities